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Problem reported by Justin Duance 7 months ago


I am trying to connect to the co op business bank through plaid but it only seems to have the capability to sign in to the co op personal banking site? Can I connect to the business banking?

Thanks Helen

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Hi Justin,

We are currently waiting for Co-Op to release/ refine their Open Banking API for their Business accounts. As soon as this has been released, our new Bank Feed provider will be able provide a feed for Co-Op Business accounts.


Any idea when this will be? Can we just use Yodlee please while waiting?

Hi Pete,

I'm afraid that we are still waiting on HSBC to correct this. Regarding Yodlee, this is not possible as under the PSD2 legislation the screen scraping that was used by Yodlee is no longer allowed.

All the best,


Hi So until then, for Co-op business bankers what options for getting our bank data into our Clearbooks do we have in the meantime? SO we can get on with out accounts? Thanks Mel

C-operative have totally overhauled their online banking since a few weeks back, so does this mean they are now compliant?

There is now an extra problem with Co-operative: their new Business Banking interface is horrible, I found it incredibly difficult to export a CSV - I had to get my wife to do it.

Any news on if we can used plaid yet with the new co op business banking interface?


Hi Justin,

I'm afraid that we have no new updates on this at present and are waiting on the bank.

All the best,


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