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Problem reported by Gordon Ramsey 5 years ago

HSBC are now linking with Plaid and that is progress - but only GBP accounts and inspite of a comment that the transactions will download shortly, they don't

What is going on here?

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Hi Gordon,

I am sorry but we are still working with our partners to try and resolve this. I am aware that they are making changes with HSBC and so some changes in behaviour can occur during this time, but it is still not resolved and so this is unlikely to work as intended at this stage.

All the best,


My business account has linked and is working - but my client accounts do not work

Notified by Clearbooks to try again. It's working now.

Yes working, but only GBP accounts at the moment. If you have USD or EURO accounts then it is only possible by using the downloads option from your online banking - unlike Yodlee which downloaded the currency accounts along with the GBP accounts.

Hopefully Plaid and HSBC get their acts together a bit quicker on the currency accounts

I see.

I use TransferWise for USD & Euro (also connected fine through Open Banking) so cannot comment on HSBC foreign currency accounts.

Hi Gordon,

HSBC are aware of the Foreign currency issue and while they do not have a time frame for it to be implemented, they are working on it.

All the best,


Thanks for the update Mohamed

Perry, of course TransferWise is not a bank account, just one of many that move money for a fee. I have been using PaYoneer for currency bank accounts - they receive and provide a variety of currency accounts and pay selected suppliers without transaction charges. They were fine on Yodlee, but alas not on Plaid. Payoneer have a good App that gives real time transaction details of receipts, similar to Shopify and Paypal apps - but not integrated with CB

I guess those that wait will be happy in the end - I just have the feeling that Plaid has caused more work than before - and that is progress!

Hi Gordon,

TransferWise Business now have full multicurrency bank accounts, called Borderless Account. I like them because they have no monthly fees, and the conversion charges are reasonable. With full Open Banking support on Plaid too.

Best regards,

Perry - thanks for the tip

Mohamed - any update on the HSBC Currency accounts being added to the Plaid downloads?

To those that wait all will be satisfied - now working

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