Triodos bank compatible with Plaid?

Problem reported by Pete 2 months ago

I am wanting to switch banks as Co-operative (Business banking) no longer works with Clearbooks feed from Plaid (alternatively I would have to switch accounting software but that's a different story and I'm sure switching banks is the best option)

I am looking for ethical banking and found Triodos. I notice this is in the list of possible feeds from plaid, but when i rang Triodos they told me they weren't compatible with cloud accounting feeds.

So it's all a bit confusing, has anyone got any info on which is right, Plaid interface or Triodos themselves?


EDIT: just thought, maybe it is just personal accounts, as with Co-op

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Hi Pete,

Plaid are currently experiencing some technical issues with providing bank feeds for Triodos accounts. This has been raised with Plaid's technical team who are currently working on a fix. I can keep you posted as soon as I hear of any updates.

Also, the Triodos bank feeds by Plaid were previously working and to clarify, there are no official partnerships with Triodos for bank feeds - Plaid are able to provide this through the requirement of Open Banking APIs.


" This has been raised with Plaid's technical team who are currently working on a fix. "

Great. Do you also know whether they (might) include Triodos business banking as well as personal.

Meanwhile, is there a list of known banks that we can reliably use now for feeds?

Hi Pete,

Plaid have released a fix and we are currently testing this. The feed currently supports the general log in so is very likely both account types are supported - I will double check this with Plaid for 100% certainty and will keep you updated.

At current, we do not have a list of supported banks as this list constantly changes. We do, however, have a bank feed status update page which can be found here.


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