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Problem reported by Gareth Ricketts 3 years ago


It doesn't seem to be updating Straling bank feeds, certainly not 4x a day. Freeagent which I used to use would do this instantly as soon as a transaction was made.

Until any transactions are allocated/explained the bank balance doesn't update either. I'd prefer it if the bank balance also mirrored exactly what is in the bank at any one time not what it thinks is in there until explaantions made.

Please advise?

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Hi Gareth,

Our bank feed provider will attempt to fetch transactions up to 4 times a day as soon as they are made available by the bank. However, there usually is a delay period from pending transactions to a posted state, and finally being made available through the Open Banking API.

There are two states for transactions: pending and posted.

Pending transactions are when an authorisation is taken for a sum of money. The date this occurs is also referred to as the ‘transaction date’. The ‘transaction date’ could represent the date a card was used to make a purchase at a shop. The transaction may show in your mobile/online banking statement as a pending transaction or within a separate part of your online banking portal titled pending transactions or similar.

Posted transactions are when the money has been collected for a pending transaction. The transaction will change from a pending to a posted state. The date on which this happens is also referred to as the ‘bank date’. It is described as ‘the money leaving the account’ which means the transaction is only posted once the money is sent to the acquirer.

If you are missing transactions for more than several days, please submit a ticket to contact support and we can escalate this with our provider.



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