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Problem reported by Victoria Garlick 1 year ago

I prepared my accounts ready for the quarterly VAT return and went to my Tax area only to find it said I had to set-up MTD again (it had been set-up and used perfectly fine since the start of the MTD scheme). I had no idea this was something that happened, I assumed once it was set-up it was set-up for good.

Now I am still waiting for HMRC to authorise and it has been more than 72 hours, and I have missed my filing date. I can't contact HMRC on the phone or online as they are too busy and keep saying 'call another time' or 'all our web advisors are busy'.

Is there any way Clearbooks could email to warn of MTD needing to be re-authorised because this is causing real stress and (I assume) a potential fine from HMRC for the return being late. I am so frustrated since it is all ready to submit but the software issues have prevented me from completing my obligations.

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Hi Victoria,

Once you have set up MTD, you do not have to do so again. If you a experiencing an error message - this indicates that you are using the incorrect credentials. I would suggest heading to Tax > VAT > MTD Onboarding > Click on Step 5 > Deauthorise > Reauthorise with your government gateway credentials.


Thanks for the reply. My concern here is

  1. Will this not just delay the process even further?


  1. What happened to make my credentials incorrect when they have been working fine since I signed up for MTD? And I didn’t change anything at all, just logged on expecting to do my return as usual to find it saying I needed to re-authorise?

Hi Victoria,

No, the reauthorisation process is instant. Also, did you ever reauthorise for MTD? There have been instances where the authorisation drops on HMRC's end when they are experiencing planned maintenance. Do you have more than one set of HMRC credentials?

Please try the steps outlined above and let me know if the problem persists?


I have done this and it didn't change the tax screen. It still says waiting for HMRC to authorise, can take up to 72 hours. I just don't know what I can do as I can't get through to HMRC and have no way of submitting my return now.

I will continue to try and talk to HMRC, I can't see what else I can do.

Hi Victoria,

Do you have more than one set of HMRC credentials?


I might have, since I am registered for Self Assessment as an individual and for VAT as a Limited company. However I never used my personal one on Clearbooks so I don't know why it would make any difference as it should just have stayed linked to the usual limited company HMRC account.

I can only find one set of credentials and this seems to relate to the personal one, so I am having to wait until I can talk to someone at HMRC I guess. It is so confusing!

My problem is that I don't have any info on my other credentials. The only gateway ID and password I have is the one I am using. I just hope I can get hold of HMRC to sort it out.

It is still a mystery as to why it suddenly stopped working on Clearbooks after working so well for the previous year and a bit. Thanks for your help though.

Hi Victoria,

I see, it is very likely you've inputted an incorrect of set credentials as HMRC are returning the pending error message; which indicates that the set of credentials used has never signed up to MTD.

I would suggest doing some trial and error reauthorising with your different HMRC credentials whilst awaiting for HMRC. If successful, the error message will disappear.


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