Voided Invoices still showing against a client on Sales block in DashBoard

Problem reported by Steve Coom 2 years ago


I have voided a number of client invoices raised in error.

When i view the client it shows NO invoices outstanding and a 0 balance to be paid (as expected!)

However on the Dashboard on the SALES block it shows the client name with an outstanding balance (the balance is = to the invoices that I have voided), but at the same time the OVERDUE total on the sales block does NOT include the Voided transactions (prior to Voiding - the total was included in the overdue total)

I wasn't expecting to see the voided transactions against the client - surely they should just "disappear" !?

If i click on the £760 against the client name - it shows me all the paid invoices, no outstanding balance - nothing to pay ! - So where is the £760 coming from ! ?


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Hi Steve,

The dashboard balance can sometimes take a bit to update. If you have voided these entries then they will disappear shortly.

All the best,


And .... it is now clear !


Hi Steve,

Glad to hear it!

All the best,


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