VAT rate change for Germany from 16% to 19%

Problem reported by Lenka Warren 2 years ago

Can you please advise how we get the tax rate for our clearbooks set up for German sister company updated from 16% to 19 % to comply ASAP? It is crucial we get this fixed ASAP since we can't produce correct invoices and therefore sell anything to customers from Germany ? I can't see any way to do this as a user. We are also missing a 'Zero rated' code for EC sales which is another problem. Thank you Lenka


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Hi Lenka,

Our developers are currently implementing the new VAT rates. I will update you as soon as this has been released.


Hi Lenka,

Our Developers have now implemented the new VAT rates to select when creating invoices and bills.


Hi Tommy, Thank you very much.

Best regards, Lenka

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