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Problem reported by Julie Vergez 1 year ago


I've created an automatic feed from my Starling Bank Account from December 1st 2020 but it didn't import the right opening balance of my bank account so I need to update this. How can I do that?

(My clearbook is set up from the date my company started December 1st 2019. But Clearbook wasn't used for bookkeeping during that first year, although my accountant will input the tax return for 2019-2020.)

Thanks in advance


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Hi Julie,

You can set opening balances from under Dashboard > Opening Balances > Cash. I hope this helps.

All the best,


But the opening balance I'm talking about isn't the company opening balance, it's my bank account opening balance, so how that gonna help? It has nothing to do with my cash account.

also, that would anyway only give me the option to set an opening balance from December 1st 2019, date my company started. I'm talking opening balance of my bank account from December 1st 2020, date ive set the automatic feeds from

Hi Julie,

The opening balances page would allow you to set a balance for your bank account, but as you have correctly stated this would be from the date of your company starting. I'm afraid it is not possible to add an opening balance after this date as your bank account would need to be reconciled from this date forward.

You could in theory use a journal to amend the balance directly, but I would not know what the other account code would be for this and I would suggest asking an accountant. The best option and what we would recommend though would be to perform a Bank Reconciliation.

All the best,


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