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Problem reported by Graeme Thompson 3 months ago

Havinf problems with the software at the moment. When I log in the dashboard shows very little information and many links are not working (including the Help link)

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Hi Graeme,

This sounds like a browser/ extension issue, could you try open Clear Books on Google Chrome and let me know if the issue persists?



Hi Graeme,

Just out of interest, do you have an extension enabled called 'I don't care about cookies'? If so, you must add Clear Books as an exception to it, or alternatively, you can report this bug to their Developers.


Tried it with MS Edge (I don't have Chrome installed) and it seems to be working OK so you're probably right about the browser issue. I only have three add-ons installed and I've disabled them all with no effect on the problem.

A reboot has solved the problem. Thanks for your help.

No problem at all - you're very welcome!


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