Invoice not paid despite showing zero balance

Problem reported by Barry Cope 8 months ago


I have a sales invoice which was paid by gocardless but for some reason is still showing as unpaid. As it has a zero balance I can't allocate a payment (even a zero payment) to it. (invoice number SITMA2031210 for support purposes)

Please could you advise.

Many thanks


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Hi Barry,

I am not entirely sure. I would cheeck to see if there is a mandate attached to the customer. In the meantime, you can manually mark this as paid.

All the best,


Hi Mohammad, There is a mandate and it was paid by GoCardless. Monies received and everything as expected other than I can't close it, it just sits as part paid.

My customer keeps getting emails saying they owe money but they don't.

I can't add a payment of zero to close it out. Is there another way to mark it as paid?

Hi Barry,

I meant if there is a mandate in Clear Books. Though you might have meant that too. It is not possible to apply a payment of £0 to it, I'm afraid. If the payment is already recorded in the system elsewhere, you could apply a credit note to the invoice to stop the issue.

All the best,


Hi Mohammed, The payment is part of a VAT return so I don't want to mess with it and credit something that I could later be checked on.

Are you not able to manually mark this at your end as paid?

Hi Barry,

I would advise you to raise a ticket with the support team as I am unable to access your account off the back of this community post.

Contact Support

All the best,


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