PAYPAL Account - Error balance_switch currency (Urgent)

Problem reported by April Loreto 3 years ago

Dear Team,

Can you please check the balance as per EUR account Balance is +609.78 (Correct) but when we converted it (switch currency) as well as the balance sheet account AED amount it become's negative (-12,724.19) See attached Screenshot.

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Hi April,

I have removed the screenshots to avoid sharing any sensitive information. For this case, could you head to Money > Bank accounts > Click on the balance > Then input a date in the Revaluation date. This will revalue the bank account using the exchange rate based on this date.


December 31, 2021 or the current date today?

Hi April,

This is up to you, however, you should ideally be revaluing the forex bank accounts frequently i.e. once a week or once a month.


can you please do it in the right way im confuse now with the balances

Since the beg balances in AED conversion are not Revalued- I just notice it now conversion are wrong, please do the needful all out report are misleading.

Appreciate your help. Please do it in 2021 beg balances our Audit reporting are in AED amount. Book for 2020 is closed cant do anything about it.

Thank you

Hi April,

The revaluation process is manual as the required date for revaluation is different for everyone. You will need to input the dates for which you wish to revalue and the system will then process a journal for this.


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