wrongly Imported Bank Statement

Problem reported by Jed Eaton 2 years ago

Hi I have been running Clear Books for two months and wanted to check that all the bank payments were imported correctly so uploaded my bank statement

Suddenly I have duplicate payments and receipts and would like to remove the upload

is there a simple way or do I need to open a new company and start again

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Hi Jed,

I have taken a look, it seems as though you have explained the duplicate statement. Unfortunately, to correct this, you must delete each transaction individually. Alternatively, if you know which date before the duplicate statement was imported and explained, we could restore your account prior to this if it is within 30 days.


Hi Tommy

I did the import yesterday if that helps

so if you are able to assist would save a lot of time


Hi Jed,

Just to confirm, did you also explain all the transactions in those statements yesterday?


Hi Jed,

Thank you for confirming, in this case, to authorise the restoration, once logged in Clear Books, please head to the Need Help panel located at the top right > Send us a message and write a brief description confirming you're happy for us to restore the account to 04/07/22 at 3am. Please note: you will lose any progress after the restore time.



You can now undo all explained transactions on a bank import with one click. See this support guide for more information.

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