Zero's missing when exporting data?

Problem reported by Gareth Ricketts 12 months ago

Trying to export data using the BACS export tool:

Tools: Export: Export Data: Data Type: Unpaid Bills (BACS)

But the leading zeros from sort code or bank accounts do not pull through?

Any suggestions please as this is impacting my payments?


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Hi Gareth,

This is how Excel would usually treat leading 0s on a spreadsheet. I will double check this with our Developers to see if there is anything we can do on our end.


Hi Gareth,

I have double checked this with our Developers and can confirm the export does not strip out the leading 0s.

It appears Excel is automatically formatting the sort code column as number, which leads to stripping the leading zeroes on display. In this case, you will need to change the data type on the cells of the sort code and account number columns. Unfortunately, we are unable to change the behaviour of Excel's automatic detection.


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