Incorrect addition of bank balances

Problem reported by Campbell Field 9 months ago


I have a number of bank accounts (incl some archived) in my system, but they do not add up to the Balance shown on the dashboard.

I have one account at £2000 and another at -£1851.79. All others are £0, with the exception of an archived one with -£0.27.

So the Balance should be £148.21 - if the Archived account is ignored.

However the Balance is shown as £412.25.

I cannot explain the ~£265 difference between the sum of accounts and the Balance.

Please explain.

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Hi Campbell,

The dashboard bank balances will show the GBP value of the total bank accounts. However, I can see you have a Euro account which will need to be revalued. To do so, you must head to Money > Bank accounts > Click on the Euro account balance > Scroll down to the bottom and input a Revaluation date. This should resolve the bank balance discrepancy.


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