Small Bug in the Imported Statements

Problem reported by Sam Jackson 8 months ago

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that in the 'Imported Statement' - 'Explain Bank Transactions' page the 'All' option does not show the deleted items. If this was intended, I think a clearer implementation, would be to include ALL transaction in 'all' and have another subheading for everything but deleted transactions. I'm assuming though that this is a bug. hopefully this is useful information.




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Hi Sam.

Thank you very much for raising this.

When building the new bank explain user interface, we have done so with the intention of making the user experience more consistent with the rest of the application and therefore easier to use and understand for both new and existing users, albeit different in some ways to the previous interface.

This page now uses the same control found on other commonly used pages, such as the Invoices list and Bills list. With these other pages, when an item is voided/deleted, they don't appear in the other views but can be found in the 'Void/Deleted' view.

So we can better understand if we need to make further adjustments, would you mind elaborating on the reason for deleting some of the imported bank transactions, and why it is important that you can view them at the same time as the remaining transactions please?

Thanks again.


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