Manual VAT rate on imported items

Problem reported by Amy Hesketh 10 years ago

When importing items from bank statements, explaining the VAT rate of purchases using the manual option doesn't allow you to enter either the percentage or the amount of VAT applied. If you try to select "manual" and submit, you get the error: VAT Amount: Please enter a positive amount

I think the only way to avoid this is to create the bill beforehand and then reconcile it on the import.

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Hello William, I have been doing that today and had no problem . IE our receipts for payments at Morrisons for staff refreshment have to be entered manually and I have been successful with it. I wonder if, somehow, you are submitting whilst there is still zero in the VAT box?

yep that certainly sounds odd, as I can't seem to recreate any problems with it at the moment - would it be possible to send in a screenshot if you are still experiencing the issue to contact support and let us know which internet browser you are using and the version?

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