Bank Explain Page - Trade Creditors Account?

Problem reported by Graham Stewart 2 months ago

I am no longer able to select 'Trade Creditors' as an account when using the 'Create New Payment' option on the new 'Bank Explain' page, it's just vanished from the drop-down list. It has worked fine for years but now seems to have just stopped working.

I believe my issue relates to the introduction of this new functionality, so I originally made this comment on the announcement page. Just in case the news page is removed, I am also posting this problem here so it is searchable in the future.

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Hi Graham. I've responded on the announcement page too but will post here in case others search for this.

The new bank explain page has a 'Save as unallocated payment' button which will post the payment to the selected supplier account, to be allocated later. This is all you need to do to record any payments on account, over payments etc. Trade creditors will be updated automatically when unallocated payments are recorded.

You can also partially allocate a payment, and/or create a new payment for part of the bank transaction amount, and use the same button to save the remaining amount as an unallocated balance against the selected contact.

For bank receipts, there is a 'Save as unallocated receipt' button which does exactly the same for the selected customer account.

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