Login and Login1 textbox labels? The field labels have lost their context!

Problem reported by Martyn Reid 9 years ago

When I went to add a bank account via Yodlee in the past I saw correctly labelled fields - Customer Number etc..

Today when I went to do the same thing I got field labels "Login" and "Login1" and then 2 other fields with no labels at all.

Can the labels be corrected please as I am unable to link my bank account atm...

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Yep that's really annoying, sorry about this - I have just let Yodlee know, hopefully they will resolve asap.

Any idea how long it will take? I need to do something and am currently unable to.

Can someone at least tell me what the labels should be?

Hi Martyn,

We have reported this with Yodlee and the issue has been acknowledged. I will keep chasing up with them until it has been resolved.

This issue should now be resolved - sorry for the inconvenience caused!

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