Expenses scans do not get delivered to Clear Books

Problem reported by Martin Pollard 7 years ago

I've tried sending receipt scans to my 'unique address' but nothing appears in the list of attachments - just the message "Please upload new files or pick from list below. "

I see other people have had this same fault previously - not sure if this has been resolved?


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Hi Martin,

Would it be possible to forward the email you sent to the api address to support@clearbooks.co.uk?

Can you also please let me know what time you sent this as files normally appear in the next hour after it was sent


Thanks Michael. I might be a bit impatient - will wait a bit longer, then forward the email if it hasn't appeared within an hour.

I am having the same issue, sent several items 3 days ago and they confirm as being delivered by my mailserver but have not appeared in Clearbooks. This is frustrating as I tried in the past with no success. Tried just a PDF with no subject/message and a normal email with subject, message line and PDF attachment.

Any update on this? We have the same issue

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