You can no longer filter projects by open or closed (Doesn't work)

Problem reported by David Williams 8 years ago

The filtering element on projects (by closed, by open, all) no longer works. I use this function frequently but unfortunately it no longer works. Please can you rectify?

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Hi David,

Thank you for your email!

What seems to be the exact problem - and are you able to send us a screen shot to We'll need our technical team to delve a little deeper once we can see what problems you are experiencing.

It'd be good if you could let us know what browser you are using too?

Warm regards,


Hi Lizzie,

Under project lists there is a filtering element which allows you to filter all projects by ALL, OPEN, CLOSED with additional option to view 25, 50 75 & 100 records. This used to work correctly and I used frequently.
It now seems not to work at all. I can send you a screen shot if you feel this will help you but its just the default page (nothing happens)!
I am using Google Chrome but have been for approx 18 months so cannot see this being the issue unless they have made a recent change through an update.



Hi David,

Thanks for this. I'll escalate this to a bugs team to check out so that we can see what's going on and fix where appropriate. Sorry for the inconvenience David.

Warm regards,


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