Loss of functionality to use phone number direct from customers

Problem reported by chris jamieson 8 years ago

On an Android device you used to be able to click on the phone number in a customer contact and call them . The phone number used to be transposed I to the phone app on the device .however when you do this now the phone number is not transposed and you get "20data.phone 1" and other characters.

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Thanks Chris - I have passed this on to the technical team to investigate further.

Is there an update to this as this problem was happening 8 months ago and was fixed with the following release of App .( see archives for Phone number add // when dialling) However the latest release has now been a backward step and it is not possible to dial direct from the customers details

Is there any plans to develop the mobile app or re-introduce features that were removed with the last release (see this post)? This issue is now over 5 months old with no update on whether it will be address ed or not

Hi Chris, we submitted a new update of the mobile app last friday, It will be available to the public later this week. It fixes this bug and adds new features.

Juan , Great I look forward to its release from Apple. Will there be an announcement of the new features soon ?

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