Monthly recurring journals dated 30th or 31st

Problem reported by Stephen Youngs FCCA 9 years ago

I have observed that if you create monthly recurring journals dated the 30th or 31st then if a month ends on the 29th or 30th, rather than post to the nearest day in the month, the month is skipped altogether (or two amounts are posted in the next month, not sure which but remember it is one or the other!). Obviously a way around this is to date all monthly recurring journals on the 28th or before, but users may not realise this and a month-end posting of prepayments (for example) is a common process. If the behaviour can be modified it would be a good idea, failing that a warning added if a user selects monthly frequency and enters a date after the 28th.

I've typed this up from a note taken some time ago, so if already fixed please just delete this!

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I have certainly drawn this to CB attention in the past, can't remember if by conversion or formal Query.

Perhaps an option would be to have a posting day of 'last day of the month', which would also be useful when/if you introduce REVERSING JOURNALS

Hi Stephen, Martin,

This has been fixed. Could you please let us know if you still experience the problem?

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