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Problem reported by Chris Caspell 9 years ago

I have already posted a ticket on the support line but wonder how others have been using the Receipt Bank integration within Clear Books.

When receipts are imported via ReceiptBank(RB) into ClearBooks(CB), CB ignores both the category (from RB) and the default nominal code for the supplier (from CB). In my case it posts everything to Cleaning Materials! This means I need to go through each item in CB and change it to the correct nominal code - this makes the integration pretty useless.

In addition the scanned copy of the invoice is not imported into CB which would seem to be a natural thing to do.

I started to use RB because CB recommended it. Clearly the implementation is flawed and there needs to be some work done on it before it is anywhere near useful. Is anyone else having similar issues?

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Has this been addressed yet? I use Receipt Bank with other accounting programmes but this looks like a problem.

Hello Chris and Robert,

Apologies for the issues caused by Receipt Bank. At the time of the initial integration coding, we were unable to extract the account codes from RB into the Clearbooks software.

We are glad to announce that you can do this now. The developer has worked on the integration so that the codes set in Receipt Banks own website will be brought bank into Clearbooks correctly.

If you do have any problems with this happening, please can you send us a ticket so we can pass it onto the developer to investigate.



Cool. Great to know.

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