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Problem reported by Sebastian Neerman 8 years ago

When using the Import Tool and allocating bills to my bank statement's payments I always trip up on the Payement method. It's set by default to the first option in the dropdown menu: Cash. I never use cash. And I nearly always forget to double check this option: it's below the fold and and there's no hint, suggestion or dialogue to warn me that I may have selected the wrong one.

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Hi Sebastian,

Payment methods are not vitally important - in fact there are no reports regarding payment methods and they have no impact on your account. You can always update the payment method for all payments and receipts by heading to Money>Bank accounts and clicking on your bank account name. Use the search filters to locate the specific payment you would like to update and click on the amount. Hit the edit button and update the payment method.

Hi John,

Thanks, I had already found how to amend the payment method. And thanks for reassuring me that they're not that important. I was obviously reacting as a non-accountant, thinking that such a bookkeeping mistake would land me in trouble.

Still, it's rather neat how some payments (bank transfers) are automatically registered with the correct payment method, whereas all others default to Cash.

Thanks again.


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