price after mileage exceeds 10 000 mi

Problem reported by Mohanad Ali 8 years ago

software does not recognize when an employee reaches 10000 miles
it is kept the 0.45 p / mile instead of changing automatically to 0.25p / mi
causing now havoc for all the approved after mileage receipts
there is no way of changing the approved receipts now

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Hello Mohanad,

I have looked into the query and can't seem to see any problems with the mileage.

The only aspect I see a problem with is if the mileage is part higher rate and part lower rate within the same expense claim. I would suggest that you use the information above the summary box to see how many miles are left on higher rate, then add a separate item for the lower rate mileage.


Hello Mohanad,

The issue with the mileage calculator has been resolved and will now work correctly.

If you have any further problems please feel free to contact or submit a ticket to support.



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