How to deal with incorrect invoice already included on VAT returns

Problem reported by Asher Jacobsberg 9 years ago

Somehow I've got into this situation:

  1. An invoice (INVxxx) for goods was created.
  2. Payment was received.
  3. Rather than allocating the payment to the invoice, a new transaction was created and the payment allocated to that (RECxxx).
  4. The VAT return containing both INVxxx and RECxxx was submitted.
  5. The mistake was noticed by the customer, but I can't delete RECxxx and allocate the payment to INVxxx.

    So I need to get rid of the transaction RECxxx so I can get the VAT back and also show INVxxx as being paid.

    Everything that I try ends up with me being blocked because the transactions are included on a VAT return.

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Hello Asher,

It seems you are in quite a tricky situation. However, you can go to the unpaid invoices and allocate them fully by scrolling to the bottom and using the payment options link. After clicking that, you will be able to allocate it completed by a credit note.

This is the only way to complete the unpaid invoices when you have RECs and INVs being duplicated.

You should see a screen similar to the link below.

Let me know if this helps you Asher.



Thanks Vanish,

That's marked the invoice as paid, but is there a way to tie the actual payment to the credit note? Do I need to create a journal entry?

Hello Asher,

You can put the actual payment information into the reference or the summary of the credit note. There is no other way to link it other than this. There is no need to do a journal as the balances will be correct once you have allocated them with credit notes.



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