CSV importing problems [money in]

Problem reported by Michiel Haverlag 11 years ago

Dear CB Team,

I've a problem when importing a CSV file. Please let me clarify the steps I'm taking:

1) Download CSV file from our bank (Rabobank, Dutch)
2) Open the CSV file with Excel
3) Then I convert (manually) all the dates - written as 20140414 - to the correct format (YYYY/MM/DD)
4) Save and export the file as a CSV file
5) Upload and import the file to CB
6) Fail...

Do you guys have any idea why I get an error? It appears to be that our bank has a very sh*tty CSV export with this weird date format, so I've to manually change all the dates. I'm willing to do so (search and replace) if the import tool would finally work for me.

If I can't fix this in a way, our company won't use CB (unfortunately). Because manually adding all our transactions to the CB system would be a lot of work (and quite a task). We could hire an extra team member for doing that... :)

Could you guys help me out?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Michiel - just one obvious comment, the date format should be DD/MM/YYYY, have you tried this?

Yes, my mistake in the post.

I tried that. It seems like the export / save as CSV function in Excel causes a problem...

Hi Michiel,

Ah yes that is an unfortunate date format - can you forward your CSV file to contact support and I will investigate a bit further.

Does your bank have any other formats you can download the statement in?

Hi John,

I'd rather not sent exports directly to someone. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
When opening the file with Excel (to remove or change some rows) I am unable to reproduce this problem, because I need to save the document.

Although it looks like certain saved files (with Excel) are not suitable for your upload. Any suggestions to use different software? Text editor? Etc.

Our bank supports MT9, CSV, PDF and another (Dutch) format.

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