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CIS verrification not working?

Problem reported by Vicky Kong 6 years ago

I've been trying to verify the subcontractors using the CIS verification facility. It keeps failing. I have checked the government gateway and clear book has been appointed as an agent.

Any reason why this facility does not work?

The idea for using clearbook is for improved efficiency. If this facility does not work, then there will be a lot of double work.

Can anyone help?

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Hi Vicky,

Do you know the verification codes for your subcontractors? If you do you can add these in manually. Head to Reports > CIS > Verifications and click on the link within 'To manually enter a verification code click here'. Once you add in a verification code the subcontractor will be highlighted in green on the verifications list.

I have a new subcontractor. How do I get a verification code using your CIS facility?

Hi Vicky,

Can you just check your tax reference on the Settings > Organisation > Details > Tax menu - it should be in the format 123/AA12345. I will also escalate this to the technical team to investigate the integration a bit further.

oh also can you just let me know the name of one of the subcontractors you are trying to verify rather than match?

We finally get it working. It was the tax reference we input incorrectly. Thank you very much! I do not have anyone I want to just verify.

By the way one result came back with the tax treatment 'Net'. What does it mean?

Thanks again

What details do we need to put on the Government Gateway to set Clearbooks up as the agent?

It is the same code for VAT filing. clearbooks-MKSMH2GFG21S

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