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Customer Dropdown

Problem reported by Andy Gambles 6 years ago

For me the Customer dropdown is becoming enormous and impossible to find anything. The field needs to become a search box where we can search by anything customer related such as email address, reference number, external id etc.

I know I can search customers using the search box top right but the only action available on that screen is Create Invoice. No option to generate transactions/refunds/credit notes

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This needs to apply to suppliers and customers. It is becoming a huge problem especially when performing refunds. It would be much simpler to go to the invoice and have a button that says refund.

Hi Andy,

Sorry for the delayed response.

There will be a feature available soon within the customer dropdown enabling a customised search of the customer. Their is also a new Smart Tables feature available which may be of assistance in filtering and sorting customers and suppliers. This can be accessed by navigating More>Labs>Smart Tables and turn on accepting the terms and conditions.

Additionally, their currently is no feature available to generate transactions/refunds/credit notes from the search box however this is a future request that developers have been made aware of.

Many Thanks


Is anything happening with this?

Is anything happening? It is becoming so hard, nearly impossible to find the right customer in the drop downs.

Sorry about this Andy! This issue was put on hold, we did have a solution in the past, however it was breaking other functionality when selecting the contact. I have re-opened this with the technical team now. I will keep you updated with any developments.

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