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Simplyfy the Go Cardless Email by removing the additional link

Problem reported by Guy Levi 6 years ago

Hi Clearbooks

When adding a customer as a pre auth an email is sent out to them. In this email there is a 2 clickable links. One takes the customer to the signup form to authorise themselves onto the gocardless and clearbooks system.

The second link how ever serves no purpose. If clicked it takes them to the Go Cardless homepage. And a mention of buying hosting on their homepage can be seen.

I've had more then a few customers click the second link and in the confusion wonder why I am trying to sell them hosting. So this is a problem for me. I know it's just the customers mistake but it would be good if we could edit the email that is sent out in the email templates. Or if possible if this second clickable link could be removed so it is no longer clickable.

At the moment I tend to call them and talk them through the process

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Hi Guy,

I'm really sorry for the delayed response. A change has now been put in place on these emails so it now displays the URL for the first link. This should hopefully make things clearer.

The second link cannot be removed I'm afraid as it's a required to have that link to their website but I hope this helps.

All the best

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