Problem reported by Taryn Edge 7 years ago

Hi there,

Where do I change the Bank Account Number and Info - so that it appears correctly on the invoice?

Thanks, Taryn

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Hello Taryn,

Please go to Money > Bank Accounts > All. You will be able to edit the bank information on the right hand side of the bank account.

That will show up on all invoices when you nominate that bank.

To set a default bank, please go to Settings > Invoice Themes > Preferences and you will be able to set your main bank so it shows up on all invoices. You can edit this in the future if you wish to.


Thank you the Settings, Invoices, Preferences worked.

For the CHEQUES PAYABLE TO part of the invoice, my bank account name is in my personal name not my Company name. Where do I set the cheques payable info ?

Thanks Vanish

To clarify my question - The invoice is showing cheques are payable to my company name, and it needs to reflect my personal name

Hello Taryn,

Please go to the Money > Bank Accounts and then edit the Absa account. You will see a cheques payable to option which you can change from the business name to your own name.


I clicked on Money- Bank Accounts - and there are 4 bank accounts listed. But I don't see EDIT ???


There is a pencil next to the bank accounts. That will allow you to edit them.


Oh my! Yes all the way on the right hand side I see now. Thank you so much. It has worked. You are SUCH A STAR for your prompt responses. Been a great help!!! Thank you!

While I'm on a roll here getting my accounting package all sorted properly now with your help.....

IS there a way to install a PAYPAL BUTTON on the invoice? Received such a cool invoice on e-mail from a service provider in Switzerland to me in SA, and in two ticks I processed a credit card payment on the invoice.

I'd be happy to forward you the mail/invoice to see how it looks.

Hello Taryn,

So long as you have a PayPal account set up, you will be able to use the invoice payment method drop down to select PayPal.

When you are sending the invoice, it will need to be in HTML view for the customer to pay via PayPal.

For that, its best to email them with the HTML URL so they can do this. It is not available on the PDF view.


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