Invoice raised in US dollars - converted to sterling but has calculated VAT

Problem reported by Elaine Roscoe 8 years ago


I have posted a Sales invoice that was raised in US dollars and sent to a client in America. I waited until the money cleared in the bank before posting it as the payment converted to GBP. The invoice has calculated VAT which is incorrect. How do i fix this?

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Hello Elaine,

You will need to go to the USD sales invoice and then edit the invoice.

Note, if you have a payment allocated against it, you will need to remove that allocation before you can edit the VAT amounts.

The form will reopen to allow edits to the figures and you will then change the relevant boxes.


Hi Vanish,

How do I remove the allocation? I am new to Clearbooks and don't use it daily so nothing is sinking in just yet but I am sure over time it will.


Hello Elaine,

Please navigate to the invoice. It should appear on your Sales > Invoices > Paid list if you have made an allocation.

Open the invoice please so it looks similar to the image below.


Click on the number which is highlighted on your invoice. The payment details will be shown.

Click on the delete button on the mid-top right. You will be given the option to delete the payment or delete all. Click on the delete payment button.


Lastly,go back to your invoice and then make the edit for the correct figures. You will need to reallocate the payment once you have changed the invoice.


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