Clearbooks Account Too Expenisve For My Companies Needs

Problem reported by Ashley Davison 10 years ago

I originally signed up via the trial, but the 'Together+' package I had during the trial and continued with it for 2 months. It has worked out to be more than I'd like to be spending per month to continue with (£24+). Is there a way to suspend my subscription without closing down and deleting the account's data with a view to re-open when I need it later in the year?

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Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately it is not possible to suspend your subscription. Leaving your account inactive on Clear Books, and then re-joining after a couple of months, will automatically calculate all the 'inactive months' for calculation. What I would advise you to do is to export your data, close your account and re-join again when the time is right.

I am sorry there is no other way to do this.

With kind regards, Simone

Is there a way to downgrade my subscription?

Hi Ashley,

Downgrading a subscription is not possible. What would you like to use Clear Books for? Which accountancy features are you interested in?

With kind regards, Simone

Hi Ashley - do you have an accountant or bookkeeper? If so they can take over your subscription at a discounted price and I'm sure would be happy to pass this on or share it with you.

If you don't have an accountant then the above is of no use to you as they (we) are far too expensive :-)

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