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Problem reported by Tom Trainer 8 years ago

When I respond to an email from Clear Books help desk, asking a question, the response is written as a response to the original email, i.e. you go back to the original email (not the one you are now responding to), and click on reply. Therefore when I read your reply, I cannot see my question by scrolling down because all I will see there is the very first question I asked. It makes a thread very difficult to follow, especially when I have had to send several email requesting clarification of your previous responses.

eg my first query is email 1, the second is email 2, the third is email 3 etc. Every time yo respond, you attach the response to email 1, so I cannot see emails 2, 3, etc by scrolling down.

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Hi Tom,

I can see that this makes it very difficult to follow the correspondence with us. We will look into reviewing this. I am sorry for any inconvenience this might causes at the moment.

With kind regards, Simone

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