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Problem reported by Alec MacKendrick 8 years ago

Hi I've tried creating a new invoice theme. it is exactly like my default one, but with a new logo. When I apply the theme to an existing invoice, the logo doesn't seem to change. I can change the theme to Tango Mango and that has the desired effect, but still with the original logo. I've tried changing the organisation logo as well as the invoice theme logo, but all the new invoices I create still have the original logo. Weird. Please could I have a hand? Thanks Alec

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Hi Alec,

The theme called 'Test for new logo' does seem to have a different logo. What should it look like and is this the theme you are trying to apply it to?



Hi There Chris. I didn't realise you could have a look in my account. This should make it much easier.

The new logo looks like our previous logo (two psy (greek letters) in purple, sort of with heads, one larger than the other) with Including You written down the side and the the HCPC and BPS logos underneath.

I was trying to apply it to our invoices and quotes. I've assumed that if I open an existing invoice, I could change the theme, press the PDF button and then hey presto, existing invoice, but with the new logo.

But it seems to be stuck with the old one. I've tried creating a quote with the new invoice too, but no joy. Frustratingly, the invoice preview button in the Settings>Invoice themes>All>Test for new logo>Preview shows the new logo.

Thanks for any suggestions. Alec

Hello Alec,

The reason why it is still showing up with the old logo is because the theme default is still based on the "1st Invoice Theme" setting. If you need to change it on an individual basis for invoices and quotes, please look at the screenshot below.


Alternatively, if you feel that the invoice theme "Test for new logo" is the main one, please go to Settings > Invoice Themes > All and then make an adjustment to the default.


Quick tip, you can apply the new logo test theme to all the invoices on the system if you click on the Apply to all button. This will update the older invoices to the new logo.


Hi. Thanks, but I was changing the Theme in your first screen shot, to no avail. I've now tried making the test for new logo the default theme, created a theme with it and still the original logo. Any other ideas?

Hello Alec,

The only other option I can see if that there is an old logo in Settings > Organisation > Details, then click Logo on the right.

That, I think, is the old image which you do not want to have on your invoice theme.


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