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Unable to send quote/estimates or download PDF's

Problem reported by Tony Keaveny 6 years ago

I'm currently in the process of sending out several quotes and estimates this weekend. At present I am too busy to complete these tasks during the week so rely on any spare time at the weekend to process this most important of tasks.

I'm now more than a little annoyed that your software seems to be broken. Every time I try send an quote/estimate the software tells me that there is a problem. Namely "Well this is embarrassing Whoops There is nothing to see here"... unfortunately there is something to see here, my very angry face....

Embarrassing is one word to describe it, however I think that "Crap" is another.

For the record I am able to view the quotes in HTML format but unable to view or download in PDF.

I shall be seeking compensation for the this oversight, so the longer you take to fix the more costly it will be to Clearbooks.

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Hi Tony,

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

There is currently an issue with the PDF format. This is currently being looked into by our development team. You will be updated as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Many thanks,


I have this exact problem and need to send an invoice out this morning. Is there an ETA yet on when this will be fixed? Is there any way to send the invoice currently?

Hi Tony and David,

Just as quick update to let you know that this feature has been fixed and the PDF functions should now be fully functional. If you do come across any issues with this in the future please let us know and we will look to fix them.

Once again I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

Kind Regards

Thank you, please arrange for your business support manager to call me to discuss my compensation package as this issue has been a massive inconvenience and could well have lost me thousands of pounds worth of business.

He can call me on either my office or business mobile. If I fail to hear from them within the next 48 hours I'll assume that you have no intention of compensating me and I'll have no choice but to take my business elsewhere.



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