Bank Account Import/Explain: "Mass Update" button dumps you back to page 1

Problem reported by Daniel Dainty 8 years ago

In my quest to reduce mouse clicks in this part of clearbooks, can someone please change the behaviour of the Mass Update button to put me back on the page I was looking at when I clicked it, rather than back to page 1 please?

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Hi Daniel, I have just tested this and see what you mean. I am sorry this issue has been affecting you and for any inconvenience it may cause. Can I just ask whether this kind of behaviour occurs in any other part of the system too? Do you have a lot of pages in the bank statements? I will certainly bring this up with the development team for you.



Also this behaviour is on the "Reconcile" button when reconciling a line on a statement to an invoice.

Thanks Kevin, I think that once the other issue has been addressed that should also sort this one out. I will mention this in house and see what we can do.


And the "allocate" button leaves you at the top of the page with no explanation as to why you're there - it is only apparent when you scroll down and see that it's waiting for your confirmation to allocate the payment to the invoice.

Thank you Chris. Yes I am regularly importing 10-20 page statements. I have two choices:

  1. Set the filter to 1000 lines and avoid this, but then I have the problem with the Allocate button and having to scoll up and down to see date/time/context of transaction.
  2. Set the filter to 10 lines and have the Mass Update and Reconcile button problem.

An extra helping of ajax-friendly javascript goodness could surely be applied to this process.

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