"Create a user defined lookup rule:" doesn't work on Transfer tab

Problem reported by Daniel Dainty 7 years ago

Bank Account Statement Import again.

I have a number of standing orders and can't create a rule to Mass Update them because the rule creation doesn't quite work properly when it's a transfer rather than a transaction.

Transaction tab, this behaviour works well. But not on the Transfer tab.

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Hello Daniel,

I'm afraid you can't bulk explain transfers from an imported statement. If you were to create a look up rule for a transfer, all this would do is default you to the transfer tab.

If you're having issues clicking on the icon for the lookup rule then let me know and I'll look into it for you.

Kind regards,


Hmm, ok. I have one which is a standing order every week, and I'm just about to start doing a six month import = 24 lines which I'd like to use that button for.

Is there any way I can do this then? Can I not just use the transaction tab instead? It goes to Directors Loan anyway.

Hi Daniel,

Yes you could do this, and it would go to the correct place, but it simply wouldn't want show in the system as a transfer.



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