Trying to Restore Backup Just Takes Another Backup

Problem reported by Andy Gambles 8 years ago


I have an offline backup in cbo format. I am trying to restore it. I upload it and wait till on the hour and all it seems to do is take another backup on the hour and not actually restore the data.

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Sorry about this Andy - I will escalate to our technical team to investigate and resolve asap. I'll let you know as soon as this is done.

Pretty important this gets fixed really. Is this being looked at ASAP?

I reported this issue by support ticket back on 11th Nov and got the reply "I'm afraid there is an issue with our restore tool at the moment, which our development team are working on fixing soon.". I really would have hoped it would be fixed by now.

Luckily the CB team keep their own internal daily backups in addition to the offline cbo ones and they were able to restore my data from one of those. But even so, this is very worrying.

Not sure I understand why it takes so long to deploy "fixes" for something that did work and customers rely on.

Hi all,

I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this feature not being fully operational. It's still being looked into by our technical team and should be addressed fairly soon, although I cannot provide a specific time frame when the fix for this issue will go live.

However, in the meantime as pointed out by Richard, we take our own internal backups on a daily basis and through these backups can have your databased restored to an earlier restore point, if you just kindly let us know.

Once again I am extremely sorry for the predicament you are placed in due to this feature not working as intended. Please accept our humble apology as we were rigorously to fix this issue ASAP.

Kind Regards,


Doesn't help when you have to wait 3+ days for support to perform a restore

Hi Andy,

Your restore has now been completed. We are working on getting the tool fixed as soon as possible so that it makes your life a lot easier.

All the best,


Any update on this? 5 weeks in and it is still broken. ..

Hi Nick,

You are able to create a Back Up file, but the restore function is still being looked into. Would you like us to create a restore point and restore your account to a particular date on your behalf?


Hi Andy, Nick & Richard.

I am please to inform you that the Back Up and Restore functions have now been fixed.

I hope that this helps,


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