Add Supplier - List not refreshed

Problem reported by Phill Clark 8 years ago

In Purchases, when adding a new item; if you click the [+] Plus option on supplier to add a new supplier the modal opens and allows you to create that entity. On click save the modal closes however the supplier selection remains blank and if you browse the list of suppliers the new one is missing. The only way to access this newly added supplier is to hard refresh the page to get the list reloaded.

Suggest that on clicking save, the modal closes and then the option is refreshed via AJAX with the newly added item given a default selection.

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Hello Phill,

We currently do have this issue on our system and are looking into this.

I will update you once this has been resolved on this post.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. In the mean time, please use the normal Purchases > Suppliers > Add.


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