Bug Report: Viewing historical bank imports

Problem reported by Chris Eden 7 years ago

In the Bank Import screen, I have "Hide Explained" permanently selected.

If you go to the History section, and select a statement which has been explained throughout, and so no outstanding records exist, the report shown is blank, but without the option to untick the "hide explained" box.

As these are historical, it would be an improvement if all records were displayed where no unexplained records exist, rather than having to go into another statement where unexplained records exist, untick the box, and then return to the original statement to view a previous record.

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Well spotted Chris

I was explaining a bank statement this morning and needed to look at an old fully explained one and couldn't understand why I couldn't see anything, you've solved it.

Yes, I agree, the "Hide explained" should be conditional upon their being unexplained transactions still on the statement.

Hi Chris,

Please can you view my video in the link below:


You can hide and unhide an explained statement on the same page.

I hope that answers the question.

All the best,


Great thanks Shaz & team 10/10

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