Problem reported by Jill Wyeth 6 years ago

Can i add paypal as an account if so is it possible to upload statement ?

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Hi Jill,

I agree with Kevin I would recommend using the Paypal import tool.

If you require further assistance with the set up please feel free to contact our support team.

Many thanks


I've been trying for 2 days, still can't get this to work.

I'm trying one more solution though.

For those that have gotten this to work, did you "select a payment method"? if so, was it "Website Payment (ID21)" that you selected? Thank you.

Hi Robert

Are you doing a manual csv import as opposed to using the auto feed?

I don't think the payment method part makes much difference so it's unlikely to be that....

thanks for your reply Kevin

when I went to 'edit' the PayPal "bank account", I was getting an error message saying I needed to choose one and then the support guy insisted I needed to choose one (I don't see the reason for it either, but that's what he said) so, that's what I'm trying

yes, I'm choosing the auto feed - because it's my first import, I've input a start date - the support guy said I didn't have to check off any of the other boxes, so I've left them all unchecked - maybe that's a problem?

Yeah you do have to enter one but it doesn't really do anything - just there for informational purposes.

Without seeing what's going on exactly it's hard to comment further.

I presume you've followed the link to the letter?

Do Clear Books support offer a screen share through the likes of Team Viewer or whatever? Might be handy for somebody to jump onto your screen to see what's what. I'm in the office for another hour, you're more than welcome to google me, contact me and i'll see if I can help.

yes, I've followed the link to the letter - except like I said for the choosing a payment method, which isn't on that document at all - other than that, instructions look pretty simple, so not sure what could go wrong

the one possible thing that maybe (most likely not, but I'm running out of ideas) could be the issue is the email address I've input - the support guide shows Account email - that almost implies to put in some kind of email address that ends in '' - but I'm pretty sure I don't have one of those - I just used the email address that I use to login to paypal and is in my paypal profile

That's how mine looks:


...with a payment method then selected on the other tab of course.

When trying the import, are you inputting a start date or ticking the 'take date from recent import' box?

I'm inputting a start date as its my first import - according to the support guide you linked to earlier: "If this is your first import, you will need to set a start date from which to import all PayPal data."

Hmmm....I seem to remember a client having an issue with that once although don't quote me on it.

Perhaps try ticking the other box then pop back in a couple of hrs to see if there's any movement.

Might also be worth deleting it all off and starting again - CTRL-ALT-DELETE works wonders after all!!

frustrating part is, the support guide says the process is "queued and processed on the hour" - so it's a lot of waiting around after each solution attempt to see if it worked

at this point though, deleting and starting over again might be the way to go - already wasted a lot of time on this though

Can definitely appreciate your frustration.

It's worth waiting for though, really speeds things up especially in terms of posting the charges for payments in.

just to be clear, I don't have to check either of these boxes, right?

Automatically create suppliers from transactions
Automatically create customers from transactions

I've been leaving them unchecked.

Unchecked is fine.

Any joy Rob?

no joy - at this point I've tried every possible permutation and solution and nothing has worked

a failure of the Clear Books system is that it neither gives me an error message that something went wrong, nor returns at least some kind of result with zero records so that I can see that the import run has finished - so it's totally unclear if the import process was even completed and where the fault may lie

Clear Books support points the finger at PayPal and PayPal points the finger at Clear Books - I point the finger at Clear Books given the limitations of their system that I just pointed out and also because nobody seems to be able to look at anything on the system other than surface level to see what possibly might be wrong - nor do they seem to be able to do any testing themselves on my account / problem

I think I finally have to give up - and consider moving to Kash Flow, which not only imports from PayPal (successfully, I've already done it in a trial) as well as eBay and Shopify (and many others)

Well, all I can say at this point is it's a shame for any company to lose business over an issue that should be easily rectifiable. I can only hope somebody from the support team will be along shortly to own the problem and find a solution for you.

Hi Robert,

I am very sorry that this still isn't working for you. Would it be possible for you to sent me a screenshot of the data you are putting into the PayPal account please? It would be good to see exactly where all the settings are pointing.

Our email is


Thanks Chris. Just sent you an email with 2 screenshots.


potential (and I emphasize potential) problem might be this - according to support chat help, "there was an adjustment to include the verification recently and we haven't yet had many new users set up new Pay Pal accounts" - so there might be a glitch in how they revised this procedure

Hi Robert

Can I ask how things have progressed since? I had a new client try a PayPal import yesterday and to the best of my knowledge it hasn't come through as yet.

Hey Kevin -

Chris McBride from ClearBooks support messaged me a day or 2 ago saying they fixed my issue - I haven't tested it yet as I'm waiting for some new transactions to come through before I run it.

If your client is still having problems, you may want to contact Chris (who commented above on this support thread) as he might have some ideas how to help your client.

Thanks Robert, much appreciated.

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