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Question asked by Claire Raisin 8 years ago

Hi there, I'm playing around with the trial version of ClearBooks before I take the plunge and I'm struggling with the bank statement import tool. Do you have to separate your statements so that you import all payment methods separately? Or do I import them all as one payment method, including the payment method as a description, and then manually change each one? Or have I missed something blindingly obvious? Cheers

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Hello Claire,

You can import the bank statement with one file and then when you go through explaining the transactions, you will be able to enter the payment method.

Hi Claire

just so you know, the payment method is only there for informational purposes so unless you particular care, it doesn't really matter what you put.

I wish it could be made an optional feature as opposed to being there by default, it seems to confuse quite a few people.

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