Credit Note from pre-Clearbooks and VAT Returns

Question asked by Ian Akers 8 years ago


I'm sure this is utterly a fringe case, but suspect it will cause a headache, and in part relates to not being able to manually adjust VAT Returns...

So, I'm hoping you can help?

In August 2012 I issued a Credit Note to a customer. There was an accounting issue which meant it got forgotten about and was only factored into a VAT Return in Aug 2014. I didn't start using Clearbooks until after the Credit was issued and I didn't back-date all invoices and transactions when I first setup my Clearbooks account... which means Clearbooks has no record of the Credit Note.

I've had a few challenges with VAT Returns within Clear Books which I think are now at a happy conclusion. BUT - for one of my 2014 VAT Returns, I need it to include a Credit Note from 2012. How can I manually adjust the Return value to include this? I'm assuming I don't create a new Credit Note in Clearbooks as that will affect all the Invoice and account values!?

Many thanks!

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Hi Ian - using a credit note of £100 + VAT, how about entering a dummy invoice to the customer for £120 with no VAT and excluding from the return, then paying it off with a credit note for £100 + VAT. This would get the £100 + VAT credit note into the return?

Thanks Paul - I think that's worked...

I've applied the Credit in full to the invoice and that's all applied correctly as far as I can see... but the Dashboard is still showing me that I have a Sale outstanding for the value of the dummy invoice... any thoughts on how I clear that?

The invoice is marked as paid, so I'm not sure what else I can do there?

Added a picture to show that I think I've applied it correctly!?


Thanks Ian - sometimes the Dashboard takes time to catch up. Have a look later on and if still included send a ticked to support.

Crossed with your picture - just to double check, have you allocated the credit note against the invoice? In other words, did you click on the invoice then allocated the credit note at the bottom of the screen?

I did - but, yes, you were right - a bit of a slow Dashboard - it's now updated!

Thanks for all your help Paul!

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