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Question asked by Tony Blake 10 years ago

I am a new user of Open Payroll so I am still getting used to it. However, I am an old in the tooth accountant and I find the way the bookkeeping is done by the system rather irritating - why is net pay posted to Salaries and PAYE and other deductions posted as separate expenses? I'd much prefer salaries to be booked gross and only the true expense items (e.g. Employer's NIC) booked separately.

Also, the system seems to post the amounts payable to Trade Creditors, which is confusing. Is there any way to change that so that the booking goes to Net Pay/HMRC control accounts?

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Hi Tony

I won't lie, you'll find everything a tad different to how you're used to doing things but in time I certainly think you'll see the benefit.

Open Payroll - go to Settings > Advanced - from there you can change the default nominal postings (directors will end up in salaries though with everyone else, no way to change that currently).

Trade creditors - purchases in general revolve around 'bills' in Clear Books, with each bill being attached to a specific supplier (both employees and HMRC PAYE are classed as suppliers). Currently, all suppliers end up in Trade Creditors by default - wrong of course but for now at least it is what it is. I've found clients actually like seeing wages, payroll, even VAT & CT go into the system as bills because it gives them something tangible to look at and monitor on the dashboard instead of posting it off to a control account never to be seen again. So long as we as accountants know all of this we can just make the relevant adjustments come year end.

Thanks, Kevin. I've modified the nominal postings now so I'm happy on that!

As far as the Trade Creditors bit is concerned, I presume this means that when explaining the bank statement for salary items you treat them just like a payment of a supplier invoice - have I understood it correctly?


Different of course but it works.

Kevin, I hate to trouble you with another silly question but........having set up to send payslips automatically by email, is there a way to check that they have indeed been sent?

Hi Tony


Hover over the envelope(s) on the right and you'll see a msg.

No bulk method though to the best of my knowledge.

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