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Question asked by Richard Cook 6 years ago


For some reason when I view the Dividends Calculator, the profit after tax is showing me an incorrect value - it appears to be showing me values from previous dividends which were created whilst learning / playing about..

When I view the Dividend Overview it show me the correct values:-


However these historic vouchers appear to be effecting the Calculator:-



Somehow I need to remove the unwanted historic values I appear to have created during my playing about.

Any thoughts?

Ive checked through the Journal entries and these add up to the two what I need, so Im lost..


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Hi Rick,

If you head to Reports>Other>Transactions and filter by the account dividends you will see there are a number of duplicate payments made using this account code (some as journals and some as PAY bills). Using the new tool there should be no payments coded to dividends they should all be coded to '(shareholder name) dividends' instead.

In this case just delete the duplicates by clicking on the amounts from the report and hitting the cancel icon (if you want to remove the journals) or click on the PAY number and void. Once you have deleted the duplicates you will then need to edit the transactions you want to keep and update the account from dividends to '(shareholders name) dividends'.

Hope that makes sense - just let me know if you have any queries about this.

Hi John, great stuff many thanks..

As I have been pulling in account data from Yodlee I kept the four payments that were associated with primary business account - is that the correct approach?

Everything is adding up correctly now though..

Hi Rick - Yep that is best. If these transactions were explained from the Yodlee statement they will also be reconciled on the bank account too.

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