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Question asked by Esmady Esa 9 years ago


I have fews queries

  1. My subscription has been charges twice this year On 18/02/15 Fubra charges me £259.20 and today 07/08/15 GOCARDLESS charges me another £259.20. I'm confused. Never heard the GOCARDLESS before

  2. If the second payment from GOCARDLESS is for my other account I want to cancel the subscription ASAP and demand a refund. Base from our last conversation, we agreed to a flat rate of £60 per year.

  3. Why do you increase my subscription from £194.40 to £259.20 without a consent from me before?

  4. Your phone line is always busy. It's better if you could sort it out

Kindly advise me please

Many thanks


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