How do I import my bank account statements to ClearBooks if using an Apple Mac?

Question asked by Tansy Croft 7 years ago

Im new to ClearBooks and trying to import bank statements from my Barclays business account in to ClearBooks using mac, I know you are meant to export from bank to Excel and then in to ClearBooks but obviously this doesn't work on my Mac, is there a way to do it on a Mac or do i need to download Excel for mac, or something else?

Hope this makes sense :-s



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Hi Tansy,

Thanks for the question. If you log into Barclays you should be able to download a statement as either a .csv or .qif or .qbo file. Here are the supported file types from Barclays:

You can then upload these files into Clear Books without the need to open them in Excel first. Follow this help guide to upload a bank statement file:

As an aside, it you do want to open excel files on your Mac for free you can install Open Office



Hi Tim,

Unfortunately there is no option to download a .csv or .qif or .qbo file, I have attached a picture of how the drop down looks, would any of these work?



also I have Open Office but it transports in to it in a load of gobeldy gook ;-)

Hi Tansy so if you select Clearlybookkeeping then that should save as a .qif or .qbo file on your Mac.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if that option doesn't work.

Also, if you select "Spreadsheet eg Excel" it will create a .csv file that should open OK in Open Office.

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