Shareholder waiving dividends

Question asked by Danielle Saul 6 years ago

Anyone know how to deal with a dividend waiver?

There are 2 shareholders; one is waiving dividends for the period. The dividend calculator wants to split the total dividend between he two but I need it allocated to just one.

I suppose I could use a journal entry to reverse the other dividend, but I was wondering whether there's a way to deal with it using the 'create dividend' function.

Many thanks

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Hi Danielle

The create dividend function will tend to split it between the shareholders based on the shareholding.

You could edit and alter the journal the system has posted which will make your accounts look right but the dividend vouchers on the system would not match the dividend paid and declared.

Alternatively, you could process the dividend paper work outside clear books and create the dividends payable as bills with the allocation that you need to have and process the payments.

Hope this has been helpful though the calculator does not facilitate waiver by a shareholder. May be this is an improvement we could suggest to the development team for the future.

Best regards


Thanks Latha. It seems a shame not to be able to use the dividend calculator for this, but there you go! Appreciate your time on this

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