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Question asked by James Tilbury 6 years ago

Hi Can you please advise on how I can edit the PO template? For example I need to add invoicing instructions to our suppliers.

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Hi James,

The PO's currently take their styling from the selected Invoice Theme. Unfortunately that means that the changes which can be made are limited. You can change the styling by editing the associated Invoice Theme, however there are no PO-specific fields in the template into which you can add text. If you wish to add text to a PO, at the moment, the simplest way is to add it to the Summary field when you create the PO.


We are currently working on substantial improvements to our Invoice Theme editor which should hopefully alleviate issues like this in the future, and I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause you at the moment.

Hi, it would be very useful if we had a PO template we could amend with instructions etc. We have some standard instructions that we issue to all our suppliers and we have to enter this manually each time.

We too would appreciate individual PO alterations/themes. Because the fields Purchase order and Purchase Order Number are much longer that Invoice and Invoice number it throws our address into the middle of the page as it cannot go inline so looks very unprofessional?

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